The Agar Trust
Supporting young musicians in rural Scotland.
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Awards March 2018
NameInstrument, VoiceAgar Trust Bursary
Abbie Ribbens, Dumfries & Galloway Violin Travel to Tinto Summer School.
Alannah Logue, Western Isles Voice – alto Travel to NYCoS course.
Alex Hadfield, Moray Trumpet Travel to NYOS Junior courses.
Alexander Murray John, Sutherland Voice - baritone Travel to NYCoS course.
Alistair Cupples, Argyll & Bute Euphonium, piano Weekly attendance RCS Junior & attendance at NYBBS.
Annie MacDonald, Skye & Lochalsh Voice - mezzo sop.Travel to lessons.
Archie Drennan, Inverness-shire Bagpipes Travel to NYPBoS rehearsals & concerts.
Ashleigh Jarmson, Shetland Violin Travel for audition and lessons at NESMS.
Benji MayburyScottish Borders Flute and saxophone Tuition fees RCS juniors and travel.
Bethany Donn, S Ayrshire Voice – soprano Travel to NYCoS Course.
Brandon Smith, Dumfries & Galloway Voice Travel to NYCoS Course.
Caius Walker, Argyll & Bute Trombone Travel to NYBBS Course.
Callum Poustie, Western Isles Tuba Travel to NYOS Brass Training Course.
Charlotte Mann, Ross & Cromarty Voice Travel to NYCoS Course.
Elizabeth Mackenzie, Western Isles Voice Travel to NYCoS Course.
Ellen Cate MacDougall, Inverness-shire Voice – alto Travel to NYCoS Course.
Fraser Hannah, Dumfries & Galloway Violin Travel to NYOS Course.
Gareth Flett, Orkney Cornet/trumpet Travel to NYBBS Course + Advanced Brass Course, RCS.
Hamish Drennan, Inverness-shire Bagpipes Travel to NYPBoS snr band audition/rehearsals/concerts.
Harriet Fyfe, Sutherland Tuba Travel to NYOS Courses.
Hattie Butterworth, Sutherland 'Cello Termly travel to conservatoire.
Hattie McGregor, Ross & Cromarty 'Cello Termly travel to Yehudi Menuhin School.
Jonathan Mackay, Ross & Cromarty Violin Travel to NYOS Symphony courses.
Joseph Hamilton, Dumfries & Galloway Violin Travel to SScot course.
Josephine Mansfield-Townsend, W Isles Euphonium Travel to NYBBoS senior band course.
Juliet McKenzie, Western Isles Voice – soprano, violin Travel to NYOS Courses.
Kara Taylor, Aberdeenshire 'Cello Travel to NYOS Symphony courses.
Kyle Cameron, Ross & Cromarty Bagpipes Travel to NYPBoS rehearsals, concerts.
Mhairi Macleod, Western Isles Voice – soprano Travel to NYCoS National Girls Choir course.
Molly McGregor, Ross & Cromarty Violin Termly travel to Yehudi Menuhin School.
Oliver Clark, Moray 'Cello Termly travel to RNCM.
Oscar Fish, Western Isles Trumpet Travel to NYOS Brass Training course.
Penny Fish, Western Isles Voice – soprano Travel to NYCoS course.
Rachel Simmonds, Lochaber Bassoon Travel to NYOS Symphony courses + monthly lessons Glasgow.
Rhiann Matthew, Aberdeenshire Fiddle Travel to Fochabers Fiddle Wk & attendance at 9 festivals.
Rona Campbell, Argyll & Bute Flugelhorn Travel to NYBBS course.
Ruairidh Jones, Inverness-shire Tenor Saxophone Travel to NYJoS courses.
Sam Donkin, Dumfries & Galloway Oboe Travel to NYoS summer school and concerts.
Teresa Ho, Dumfries & Galloway Clarinet, violin Travel to SScot courses.
Tiegan Holroyd, Argyll & Bute Flute, piano, percussion Weekly travel to RCS Junior and concerts.
Vanessa Ho, Dumfries & Galloway Flute Travel to Sscot courses.
Zoe Hodi, Inverness-shire Violin Travel to NYOGB courses and concerts.
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Awards October 2017
NameInstrument, VoiceAgar Trust Bursary
Annabel Campbell, Western Isles fiddle Competing at National Mod, Fort William.
Caitlin Jupp, Ross & Cromarty violin Attendance at HYRO rehearsals (5) + concert.
Catriona Mackenzie, Ross & Cromarty piano Termly travel to Birmingham conservatoire.
Eve Maxwell, Argyll & Bute voice Private tuition + attendance at Ann Lampard Song School.
Findlay Spence, Ross & Cromarty 'cello Termly travel to RCM.
Finlay Macvicar, Western Isles bagpipes Attendance at NYPB Development Band (x2 + 2 performances).
Gavin Johnson, Argyll & Bute tubaWeekly attendance (X 30) at Junior RCS; Campbeltown Brass rehearsals (X 4); travel to conservatoire auditions: Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, London; weekly travel to Kirkintilloch Brass rehearsals.
Gavin Marnoch, Western Isles viola Travel to St Mary's + conservatoire auditions Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff.
Ivan Davies, Lochaber piano, 'cello Travel to Junior RCS (x 30 wks).
Jake Tickle, Ross & Cromarty voice Private tuition, Ann Lampard, Skye (x20 + 2 concerts/rehearsals).
Josephine De Geer, Orkney flute Travel to auditions: RCS, Trinity, Guildhall.
Lucy Rowan, Dumfries & Galloway piano, flute Attendance at Junior RCS (x30 wks).
Luke Francis, Inverness-shire voice (baritone) NyCoS attendance: residential + 3 performances.
Martha Spence, Ross & Cromarty violin Private lessons in Edinburgh (monthly).
Merryn Stephenson, Orkney violin Junior RCS (monthly).
Naomi Chattington, Orkney voice Audition fees RMA; RCM; RNCM; UCAS admin fee.
Neil McCracken, Argyll & Bute piano, saxophone Junior RCS (X 30).
Rachel Spence, Ross & Cromarty viola Audition fees and travel for conservatoires: RAM; Guildhall; RCS.
Stephen Johnstone, Western Isles guitar, drums Weekend accommodation for attendance at NCETM (X 22).
Tom Donkin, Dumfries & Galloway bassoon Junior RCS concerts overnight subsistence (x5).
Victoria Marshall, Ross & Cromarty Trombone Attendance at HYRO rehearsals/concert.
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